Business Services

Every client’s wishes are different. From customized brand launch events that thrill your customers, breakthrough team building activities to challenge performance, to fun-filled company celebrations that are about nothing other than capturing the moment.  Choose the services that suit you

Corporate Retreats

Create a unique experience that deserves a significant memory to go with it.  Capturing that moment in time and creating an indelible etching is an art form. We work with you to make this the most personal, meaningful, fun and beautiful moment to celebrate with your colleagues.

Investor / Study Programs

Witness first-hand the exuberance, economic drive and immensity of Tanzania and its people. We offer our clients an opportunity to journey Tanzania to examine the situation first-hand and see beyond what is communicated by the mass media. Leave with a broader, more authentic perspective that will help you make better business decisions.

Forums / Summits / Meetings

Craft meetings that truly capture what your business is about and the goals you want to achieve. From the initial sourcing of venues, accommodation, program run-down and suppliers to the delivery of the event itself and the post-event debriefing, we are an extension of your team.

Customer Appreciation

Our specialists have travelled the world to provide the insights you seek.  We strive to cultivate an authentic emotional connection with your brand. In order to inspire that connection with your brand, every gift needs thoughtful, be useful, provide a unique experience and have a high perceived value.

Media and Production Services

A one-stop solution for marketers and production crew to integrate Tanzania’s geography, history and culture to create documentaries and campaigns that will further your brand and help relaunch it on to an exciting new trajectory.

Our Corporate Services Practice


We believe events are so much more than parties and conferences; Events connect people, breed innovation, build communities, and spark change 


We become an extension of your organization with the purpose to deliver your brand’s unique identity and corporate values 


Through creative thinking, strategic solutions and the power of imagination we work to create memorable experiences.

We design, plan, and manage every project from conception to execution.  
Together with our clients, we create something special

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