Our Story

At Bongo Tanzania, we want to share our unique country with the world. We are sharing its beauty, culture diversity and creativity in each of our high-quality tours and events.

Bongo Tanzania was founded with the purpose of sharing our unique country with the world. For us, it is much more than a business; it is a way to share its beauty, cultural diversity and creativity in each of our high-quality tours and events. We are committed to making real Tanzania accessible. Our passionate local guides and partners are true insiders who thrive on sharing their experiences with you and making sure your every comfort is taken care of.

We believe in the power of travel to transform, inspire and bring people closer together, and we work tirelessly to perfect every detail for our customers. It’s this dedication, expertise and passion for travel in Dar-es-Salaam and wider Tanzania that inspire us.

Bongo Tanzania was founded by Shebeko Mshangama. Having been born in Tanzania, He possess a passion and love for the unique landscape and wildlife, vast array of African culture, distinctive soulful crafts and wealth of artistry within Africa. After moving to Europe, He wanted to change the story of what people thought when they imagined Africa and connect them with the timeless beauty of his home country.

What Makes Us Difference!

Sustainability:  Bongo Tanzania supports local businesses through our tours and events. We also promote a socially responsible framework as we give back to the community.

Quality Services: We employ a team of committed cultural experts and adventure enthusiasts. We also work with experienced and passionate local partners. All of our staff and partners adhere to the maximum high standards, and for us, nothing is more important than your comfort

Environmental Impact: Bongo Tanzania works with local partners to address and mitigate the environmental impact through the promotion of recycling, minimizing waste, and other environmental protection programs.